Adam Reed

Web Design & Development

Independent projects

Spotify playlist mixer

Using the Spotify API I made this tool that finds the audio features of all the tracks in your music libray. You can then queue tracks or create playlists based on track qualities like tempo, dancablility, acousticness and energy, and it can recommend you new music you might enjoy. If you have a Spotify account then give it a try and let me know what you think!

Song lyric analyser

Made by combining the Musixmatch API with VADER sentiment analysis. You can search for any song in their Musixmatch database and it will a score for how positive the lyrics are. Give it a try!

Processing.js sketches

I’ve made some game prototypes, interactives and visual “sketches” using Processing. Here are a few examples…

London Tube map random generator

Game prototypes

And more…